Mission Statement

“Build the best quality climate control products, innovate and exceed our customer’s expectations”

Made Here & Made Right 

Built by a team of talented engineers with vast climate control solutions design experience and enthusiasm, Ariel Technology Inc. is a leading manufacturer of climate control solutions for Control Panels and Electrical Enclosures. 

Our Newmarket, Ontario, Canada facility, nestled just north of Toronto is our state-of-the-art design, engineering, manufacturing & assembly hub. We proudly manufacture climate control solutions right here in Canada, and we have over 25 years of combined climate control management experience and expertise.

Ariel Technology Inc. is an undisputed leader in the manufacturing of high-quality climate control systems solutions such as Control panel Thermostats, Hygrostat, Exhaust Filters, Fan Filters, Thermoelectric Cooling Units, Heaters, Roof Fans, and all related accessories.

We offer custom solutions, designed to your unique requirements.

The company that could…and did!

When using Arieltech’s very reliable climate control systems such as Fan Filters, Exhaust Filters(Standard colors RAL 7035, RAL 7032 & Black) Thermostats, Hygrostat,  Heaters, Roof Fans, Axial Fans, and Thermoelectric Cooling Units you can expect to increase the life expectancy of all of your Enclosure & Control Panel equipment, preventing the undesirable cost of maintenance or replacement parts, this saves you money and headaches…just install it and forget it! Here at Arieltech, we don’t take our jobs lightly, our adherence to UL, CSA and CE standards will give you peace of mind you want… we get it, and that’s why Performance, Competitive pricing, Fast lead times and Quality is our thing.

Ariel Technology Inc. climate control solutions are used to control electrical enclosure air quality, temperature, and humidity.

Arieltech is proud to be a member of the Electro-Federation of Canada.

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