Fan Filters and Exhaust Filters

Fan Filters and Exhaust Filters


  • UL and cUL Listed, File Number E497874
  • CSA and CSAus Listed, File Number 80030884
  • CE Compliant


FTEC series Fan Filter and Exhaust Filter are designed to supply forced convection filtered air for enclosures and electrical panels.

By using the unique filtering and cooling features, FTEC will cool down the inside of enclosures to a desired temperature to protect the electrical and electronic parts against heat.


• Type 12 and Type 3R NEMA Rating-NO HOOD REQUIRED
• IP 54 using G3 filter mat and IP 55 using G4 filter mat
• 115 VAC, 230 VAC, 460 VAC, 12, 24, and 48 VDC available
• Flow capacity from 15 CFM to 625 CFM (26 m3/hr to 1060 m3/hr)
• Polyurethane sealing gasket
• Ball bearing Fan
• Easily snaps into place without the use of screws
• Washable and reusable filter mat
• Robust flame-retardant plastic housing, UL 94-V0
• Operating/Storage Temperature: -4 °F to +158 °F / -20 °C to +70 °C
• Durability: 50,000 – 90,000 hrs
• UV Resistant


  • RAL 7035 – Light Gray 
  • RAL 7032 – Dark Gray
  • RAL 9011 – Black
  • Other colors on request
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Option #3

Exhaust Filters

Part Number Chart

Fan Filter
Size Color IP Rating NEMA Rating Voltage Flow Direction Bearing Flow Capacity
10: 4″ 115: 115 Vac B: Ball Bearing
16: 6″ L: Light Gray 230: 230 Vac S: Small
20: 8″ D:Dark Gray 4: IP 54 X: NEMA 12 440: 460 Vac S: Standard ( ): Standard
26: 10″ B: Black 5: IP 55 Z: NEMA 3R 12D: 12 Vdc R: Reverse B: Big
32: 12″ O: Optional 24D: 24 Vdc G: Grande
48D: 48 Vdc
Exhaust Filter
Size Color IP Rating NEMA Rating
10: 4″
16: 6″ L: Light Gray
20: 8″ D:Dark Gray 4: IP 54 X: NEMA 12
26: 10″ B: Black 5: IP 55 Z: NEMA 3R
32: 12″ O: Optional

Selection Chart - Fan Filters and Exhaust Filters

Model No.  SizeVoltageNEMA RatingType RatingUnimpeded Flow CapacityIn combination Flow CapacityCertificates
 Inch-mmVAC/VDC  CFM-m³/hrCFM-m³/hr 
FTEC10(*)4XExhaust Filter4-110X110TYPE 12IP 54UL-CSA-CE
FTEC10(*)4X-115SBFan Filter115 AC15-2611-19UL-CSA-CE
FTEC10(*)4X-230SB230 AC15-2611-19UL-CSA-CE
FTEC10(*)4X-(**)SB12/24/48 DC38-6526-45UL-CSA-CE
FTEC10(*)5(***)Exhaust FilterTYPE 12 or TYPE 3RIP 55UL-CSA-CE
FTEC10(*)5(***)-115SBFan Filter115 AC14-2410-17UL-CSA-CE
FTEC10(*)5(***)-230SB230 AC14-2410-17UL-CSA-CE
FTEC10(*)5(***)-(**)SB12/24/48 DC35-6022-37UL-CSA-CE
FTEC16(*)4XExhaust Filter6-116X116TYPE 12IP 54UL-CSA-CE
FTEC16(*)4X-115SBFan Filter115 AC42-7035-60UL-CSA-CE
FTEC16(*)4X-230SB230 AC42-7035-60UL-CSA-CE
FTEC16(*)4X-(**)SB12/24/48 DC42-7035-60UL-CSA-CE
FTEC16(*)5(***)Exhaust FilterTYPE 12 or TYPE 3RIP 55UL-CSA-CE
FTEC16(*)5(***)-115SBFan Filter115 AC35-6030-50UL-CSA-CE
FTEC16(*)5(***)-230SB230 AC35-6030-50UL-CSA-CE
FTEC16(*)5(***)-(**)SB12/24/48 DC35-6030-50UL-CSA-CE
FTEC20(*)4XExhaust Filter8-206X206TYPE 12IP 54UL-CSA-CE
FTEC20(*)4X-115SBFan Filter115 AC95-16070-120UL-CSA-CE
FTEC20(*)4X-230SB230 AC95-16070-120UL-CSA-CE
FTEC20(*)4X-(**)SB12/24/48 DC90-15270-120UL-CSA-CE
FTEC20(*)5(***)Exhaust FilterTYPE 12 or TYPE 3RIP 55UL-CSA-CE
FTEC20(*)5(***)-115SBFan Filter115 AC80-13560-100UL-CSA-CE
FTEC20(*)5(***)-230SB230 AC80-13560-100UL-CSA-CE
FTEC20(*)5(***)-(**)SB12/24/48 DC76-12857-97UL-CSA-CE
FTEC26(*)4XExhaust Filter10-260X260TYPE 12IP 54UL-CSA-CE
FTEC26(*)4X-115SBSFan Filter115 AC137-230120-205UL-CSA-CE
FTEC26(*)4X-230SBS230 AC137-230120-205UL-CSA-CE
FTEC26(*)4X-(**)SBS12/24/48 DC130-220115-195UL-CSA-CE
FTEC26(*)4X-115SB115 AC165-280147-250UL-CSA-CE
FTEC26(*)4X-230SB230 AC165-280147-250UL-CSA-CE
FTEC26(*)4X-(**)SB12/24/48 DC170-290150-255UL-CSA-CE
FTEC26(*)4X-115SBB115 AC230-390182-310UL-CSA-CE
FTEC26(*)4X-230SBB230 AC230-390182-310UL-CSA-CE
FTEC26(*)5(***)Exhaust FilterTYPE 12 or TYPE 3RIP 55UL-CSA-CE
FTEC26(*)5(***)-115SBSFan Filter115 AC130-220100-170UL-CSA-CE
FTEC26(*)5(***)-230SBS230 AC130-220100-170UL-CSA-CE
FTEC26(*)5(***)-(**)SBS12/24/48 DC117-200105-180UL-CSA-CE
FTEC26(*)5(***)-115SB115 AC150-255130-220UL-CSA-CE
FTEC26(*)5(***)-230SB230 AC150-255130-220UL-CSA-CE
FTEC26(*)5(***)-(**)SB12/24/48 DC155-265137-230UL-CSA-CE
FTEC26(*)5(***)-115SBB115 AC190-325153-260UL-CSA-CE
FTEC26(*)5(***)-230SBB230 AC190-325153-260UL-CSA-CE
FTEC32(*)4XExhaust Filter12-326X326TYPE 12IP 54UL-CSA-CE
FTEC32(*)4X-115SBFan Filter115 AC380-645220-375UL-CSA-CE
FTEC32(*)4X-230SB230 AC380-645220-375UL-CSA-CE
FTEC32(*)4X-(**)SB48 DC550-935330-560UL-CSA-CE
FTEC32(*)4X-115SBB115 AC450-765290-492UL-CSA-CE
FTEC32(*)4X-230SBB230 AC450-765290-492UL-CSA-CE
FTEC32(*)4X-115SBG115 AC625-1,060430-730UL-CSA-CE
FTEC32(*)4X-230SBG230 AC625-1,060430-730UL-CSA-CE
FTEC32(*)4X-460SBG460 AC625-1,060430-730UL-CSA-CE
FTEC32(*)5(***)Exhaust FilterTYPE 12 or TYPE 3RIP 55UL-CSA-CE
FTEC32(*)5(***)-115SBFan Filter115 AC350-595190-320UL-CSA-CE
FTEC32(*)5(***)-230SB230 AC350-595190-320UL-CSA-CE
FTEC32(*)5(***)-(**)SB48 DC500-850280-475UL-CSA-CE
FTEC32(*)5(***)-115SBB115 AC418-712235-400UL-CSA-CE
FTEC32(*)5(***)-230SBB230 AC418-712235-400UL-CSA-CE
FTEC32(*)5(***)-115SBG115 AC595-1,010420-715UL-CSA-CE
FTEC32(*)5(***)-230SBG230 AC595-1,010420-715UL-CSA-CE
FTEC32(*)5(***)-460SBG460 AC595-1,010420-715UL-CSA-CE
(*) L means RAL 7035 Light Grey, D means RAL 7032 Dark Grey, B means RAL 9011 Black, and O means Optional colors.
(**) 12D means 12 VDC, 24D means 24 VDC, and 48D means 48 VDC.
(***) X represents Type 12, IP 54 or IP 55 and Z represents Type 3R, IP 55, all airflow is at 60 Hz.
Note: Reverse Flow Fan Filter data is identical to Standard Flow Fan Filters